by SusanJulie  16/06/2005  1241 Page Views
1 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
I recently told my husband that I would like to seperate two monthsago.  We have slept in different beds for over 2 years andvirtually led seperate lives. 

I recently inherited some money in Febuary and half property of a unit,later paying out my sister so I own the unit.  We own a houseworth 300,000 with a mortgage of $140000.  I have been married 7years.  He has been to a lawyer and my inheritance has beenincluded in the assets.

Is the inheritance meant to included in the settlement?   Andhow long does settlement take if you both agree? I stated that I wouldnot leave the house until the settlement comes through so I can buyanother house, is this correct?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.