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11 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
Greetings all. I have not been here for about a year. Foolish, stupid or whatever you may think I am but my reality is I still have not done property settlement with my ex husband. Separated 4 years, divorced about 3. Finally after years of court dramas had consent orders for children done March last year. High conflict relationship especially when finances are mentioned or things don't go ex's way so I guess I've just stuck my head in the sand. Tried mediation one year ago and failed. Have tried ongoingly to sort it in a peaceful way but not possible.Closest we got is a 60/40 split but he says he will decide the value of the house. I'm assuming I need to get a valuation done? I live in the house and pay all maintenance and expenses. I need to move on out of my ex husband's control. No debts, just super, a couple of cars, house. Kids in my care 14 and 15 and 7 year old in shared care 65/35 with the greater time to me. So the big question is what do I do now? Get the mediation certificate, write up consent orders with a solicitor? He is unwilling to do or pay for anything. Hopefully this is my last battle with him. Thanks for your help. Cheers.