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Hey guys !!

I really need help because I'm stressing sooo much!!

Here's the situation.

Approx March 2017 my partner and his ex defacto seperated

During the time the 5 years they were together they bought a house and lived there for 2 years. when they seperated his ex moved out but continued to pay towards the mortgage.

Both names are on the mortgage and title.

The house has no equity and they both didn't want debt so they decided not to sell the house just yet.

Approx November 2017 I moved in with my partner and we had a baby

Together we bought 3 preowned cars however all the cars are in his name

Now his ex has decided she wants out of the house. She is refusing to help out financially to help with costs of doing up the house the bring up the market value, she wants to sell 'as is'

Unfortunately my partner cannot refinance as there is no equity and we don't have anyone who is able to be a guarantor so they want to make a consent order, I noticed they both have to put their assets down however most of my partner's assets occured after their relationship ended.

I'm just stressing because I don't want us to have to take on a lifetime of debt ...

Has anybody been through something similar?! Ahh where do we even stand legally?! Is she entitled to things my partner bought after they seperated?! What's going to happen to the house?!