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I recently went through private mediation with my ex-wife. At the mediation, all three lawyers, mine, hers and the mediator (yes a lawyer who I learned on the day is very familiar with my ex-wife's lawyer), identified separation anxiety issues with my ex-wife and my son and recommended we complete the property matters while pursuing counselling with The Relationspace to work towards an agreement on parenting matters. Both my ex-wife and I agreed to do this.

For the rest of the day, I was pushed hard by all three lawyers to sign an agreement on property matters. As usual with all these types of agreements, it heavily favours my ex-wife and I will have to work for several years to get back to where I was before. I understand the reasoning for the weighting, enabling the best care for my son is a priority, and I am OK with it within the light of working towards resolving the parenting matters.

However, after the mediation, my ex-wife backed out of the earlier verbally commitment to go to The Relationspace to work on the parenting matters and I now have no financial means to pursue the matter in court.

I feel that I was bullied into signing the agreement on the day and now that she has backed out of working on any parenting agreements I will continue not being part of my son's life. 

Do I have any options?