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I am in a small group (4) of Strata Units, our Presiding Officer resides interstate, he has instructed that any accounts for payment be submitted to him for approval by our Strata Manager, they are not tabled at our AGM, for discussion and/or approval, by the other owners.

As well as accounts, any correspondence sent to him is not recorded/registered or placed into file, as I believe it should be.

I must admit he and I do not see eye to eye, it appears vindictive of him, as I had a robbery some time ago, and in my absence the fence on our Strata Common was kicked in, as well as a new hose and reel stolen, in doing so the tap which on the Strata Common was broken off, repairs were effected by my son in law, who replaced the damaged fence palings and fixed a new tap to the outlet.

Repairs only totaled $185 he rejected this account, no reason given!

Any suggestions ?