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my cousin had an accident 4 years ago

he had just found out his wife was having an affair and intended to divorce her heis accident left him with brain damage although he still stated he was divorcing her after the accident and he wanted her gone she replied he would be the one going

she gave him beer and he got angry so the doctor increased his meds she now rents a house for him to live in with a carer and her and the kids and her boyfriend live in another house

his aged parents have him on alternative week ends and pay for his physio as his wife maintains she has spent enough money on him even though they have properties worth 8 million dollars

my uncle was going to take him home as he says he wants to go home so his wife had a dvio taken out on my uncle not in force now

is there any way my uncle and aunt can get guardianship of there son

her boyfriend is in law and seems to be telling her how to handle this