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what/where is the law that ,stops a magistrate in wa who hears a criminal trial from dealing with a vro matter after the trial,for the same parties , I need to find this as , I believe it needs to be tested against the 1975 family law act where a madge can sit on the parties matters after a trial(family court w.a.) "for consistancy" , where she actually becomes biased and pregudicial ,receiving heresay evidence ect in enforcement , being procedurally unfair, making new orders changing trial orders while at the same time refusing to deal with matters from a respondent, because she (duncanson) says they are new orders and that the respondent has to make a new case and form one, althe while knowing she can say anything she likes cause the appeal court protects her bias as its in the act in w.a. ,what justice is it when their is no fair appeal process in the family court in western australia ,,, , is it set out in the MAGNA CARTER ??? is it in the constitution about the right to have a fair hearing , or unbiased bealings with any part of government ??