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Was in a toilet cubicle with a mate at a nightclub, bouncer looked over the door to see a crushed up pill on the toilet roll holder. The crushed up pill was knocked onto and consumed by the urine soaked floor. We were handed over to the police and stupidly made the admission that we going to consume a pill that we thought was ecstasy. Other than our admission the police have no evidence. They found a plastic snap lock bag on the cubicle floor however it was not ours.

I may fight the charge due to the fact that I might begin studying law next year. Having already spoken with a few people and receiving some legal advice it seems i have a very high chance of beating the charge due to the pettiness of the circumstances and the lack of evidence. Thus being said I am currently an impoverished uni student and as most of you know legal fees are quite hefty. I have spoken with a few firms and most of them will charge me around $600-1000 just for the first appearance and then further fees for additional appearances.

Would it be viable for me to attend my first court appointment (next monday) and ask for a summary hearing or an adjournment by myself? Then seek representation for the summary hearing? If so, can anyone please help me out on the way I should go about this? Should I make arrangements to see the court lawyer (sorry, cant remember the name) so that they do all the talking?

I understand that just pleading guilty to this charge would live me with a little fine, drug diversion and no criminal conviction. However having that mark against my name may be a burden in the future.

Cheers Guys!