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My wife and I have been speerated for a year. I have made no settlement at this stage. I am out renting while she stays in the house. We are quite amicable (at present). I can no longer justify to myself spending $240/week in rent, PLUS paying half the house payments PLUS maintenence etc.  I cant afford it basically.

I dont know where to start re a settlement and wonder if we were to make an out-of-court agreement, what sort of setlement would be "typical".  We have 2 kids with her (12 and 14yo).  I have probably earned 4 times what she has since our marriage 16years ago. (maybe more since she hasnt worked for a long while also). I am wondering how do i get an estimate of what I or she will get? There must be a formula ? How does a solicitor decide ? The house is maybe worth $300,000 but we still owe $57,000. I earn $80k and she doesnt work now.

Is there any rule of thumb or any approximate expectation in a settlement? I realise you'll advise to get legal advice. I accept that. Any more info would be appreciated.