by toofan21  09/11/2009  28 Comments  846 Page Views
Criminal law, traffic matters, DUI, assault, theft, fraud
Why does it take police in Australia months before they formally charge anyone? In other countries, you get charged immediately or never at all. I feel that the slow judicial process here is extremely stressful for the subject. Why does the police "sit" on a case for so long when they can assess the outcome of a case by simply looking at similar cases in the past - and proceed accordingly? I had a domestic incidence and got an AVO - no charges were filed. But that does not give me any relief because after reading some of the stories here you can be charged 6 months after the incidence to add misery to the mystery. Now I am not sure if the police will show up at my door next Christmas with a charge notice in their hand. Why is everything so slow here?