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My partner's mother passed away last month. In the 6 months before her passing, she gave PoA to her nephew. There was confusion surrounding this decision, which led my partner and his sister to assume that the nephew was executor to the will. He was not. When my partner's mother passed, the nephew carried out duties that are only the responsibility of the executor (arranged the funeral, cremated her body without asking my partner or his sister, withdrew money from her bank account). Upon confronting the nephew about his misrepresentation, he has now refused to show any PoA documentation. My partner is trying to get information from the bank and crematorium and neither are being forthcoming (they have seen the Will with the executors name). To clarify, my partner's sister is the executor named in his mother's Will and they have the original Will in their possession. To me this seems like both a civil and criminal matter, but it seems that no lawyers or the police in town want to touch them. Help?