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Hi All,

I am in the throws of a messy divorce settlement. My exwife got depressed, then met another man who promised her the world but he doesn't have any money and can't hold a job so she is determined to make a new life with this man with as much of my money as possible.

We have 4 kids in 50/50 shared care (by court order) but I never see the eldest of the 4 because that one has been turned against me by the ex.

I reside in the marital home. Actually, I built the home myself prior to marriage but both names are on the title.There is no other property.

Trial date is early next year, but the ex has just put in to have the house sold. I have always declared my interest to buy her share of the home.

I really don't want to sell the home that I designed and built. I have been unable to buy her share of the home because everytime we come to and agreement on the amount, she changes her mind and decides she wants more money for her share.

Can she really force the sale of the home while we are in the middle of settlement proceedings? It seems unlogical since I made the application to the court for parenting and financial settlement because she was so erratic and unreasonable in her demands.