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A good friend of mine was called by local police (who under false pretences) asked him to come down the station about an unreg car he had parked at his Mother's place. Can they do this? Anyway, when he got there they arrested him on other charges that had NOTHING to do with the car!?!
This was on the search warrant - 'Special aggravated enter dwelling & commit felony -s 112 crimes Act
Although on the facts sheet charges were-
               (1) Special aggravated break & enter w/i armed with dangerous weapon
               (2) Enter inclosed land not presc premises w/o lawful excuse. Inclosed lands protection Act 1901

He has previous history of simliar offences in the past to which has served his time.
Apparently now you only get just one chance @ local court bail & agreed with the legal aid solicitor at the time not to even bother going for bail as without all brief/evidence wouldn't get it.
           Apparently the evidence police have got & arrested him on was a balaclava with his DNA on it found at the scene of this crime.
           What are his chances at getting supreme court court bail & trying to prove (as we all know) his innocence?

           Any sincere help & advice is greatly appreciated. Thank-you
Concerned friend