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Please help!  My stepdaughter has been living with me and her father now for a year and a half.  She has just gone back to her mothers for a visit through school holidays as they do.  We are 2000km apart, so they have to fly.  But hayley (the daughter) was so upset to go back to her mothers in case she made her stay there.  She is a daddys girl, and loves living with us, but we just got a call this morning from hayley, she was crying and said that her mother is making her stay there!  We just go the news on Tuesday that her grandfather passed away, and now the bomb this morning about this!  Where do we stand.  She is 10 years old, is she old enough to tell her mother, she wants to live with us?  She hates it in QLD and loves it with us in SA.  We are besides ourselves, as there is no legal places open on the weekend, and we have to leave for the funeral next week.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?  The woman (mother) we are dealing with is a very manipulative person, and wants what she wants.  Now Tony (father) is lost because he maybe losing his daughter.  Please help!

Thank you!