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I am having a problem with my X Wife, I am wanting to spend time with my 5 children by having them stay 2 nights a fornight, being a Friday night after school and a Saturday and return them to her on the Sunday afternoon.She is saying I can only have them on a Saturday and return them on a Sunday. This is due to the fact that she is worried that child support will be cut with the 52 nights a year thing.

I have said that is not the case and only want to see the children. I have just moved into a new house in the same town and she is demanding to know my new address, of which I will not give to her. Now she is saying I cannot have them at all this weekend.

We have been to mediation and it was shut down by the by the lady running the session, because the X was going on about child support and the 52 nights a year thing.

There is no parenting plan and no court orders Nothing from the courts at all. The question I have is can I go and pick up the children and can she stop me from taking them for the weekend.