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Hello there,

I am not sure whether this is the right place to ask, but I've been searching the internet for quite a while without a conclusive answer.

Basically after I returned home to Europe from my visit to VIC I received 2 fines per mail for exceeding the speed limit (permitted speed was 100km/h, I drove 105 on one occassion, 109 on the other).

I am usually the type of person who immediately pays his fines,but having to pay 400 AUD for such minor infringements is beyond me & it would put a huge dent in my already meager student budget :(

So now I'm considering to not pay the fines at all. Is there any chance that the VIC Police Department can somehow enforce the fine on me here in Croatia, that I get prosecuted for not paying it? I have no plans to return to VIC/Australia anytime in the near future so not being allowed to return would not be a concern for me.

Thanks a lot in advance!