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Hello there and good day to you. I am an Australian citizen, living overseas since 2009. I plan to move back to Australia and bring my de-facto partner with me (we have know each other for 4 years and been living together for 13 months). There are a few questions about how to do that, that I cannot find an answer anywhere, so here they are.

1) Is it generally quicker or easier to bring in your partner via 309 Partnership visa, or via 300 Prospective Marriage visa?

2) Do I have to be an Australian resident (be physically in Australia), for my partner to apply for an either visa type?

3)If It is easier to apply for a 309 Partnership visa, is it better to be legally married or stay as de-facto?

4) Who can be a sponsor for my partner? Does it have to be me (since I am her husband/de-facto partner), or can it be another Australian citizen of good character (ie. my father)? This is very important, as there is an outstanding warrant for me, for assault charges from 2008 (thats the reason i went overseas in 2009).