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My partner made a scene yesterday evening after we had an argument by hanging off our apartment balcony, which is on the second floor. To this horror, someone called the police who came running to my apartment thinking it was a suicide attempt. A fire truck was eventually called and the firemen rescue her from the balcony back into the apartment. She claimed to the police officers that she was threatened by me and therefore was attempting a desperate escape. The police took her to the hospital and evaluated her condition and claims for a good 5 hours.

Later the same night, the police called me asked me to stay at a friend's house for the next couple of days. They brought her back to my apartment where she is staying alone now. I am staying at a friend's house.

My question is, are they going to charge me with domestic violence? If so, why did they not arrest me last night? In my defense I did not hit her or threaten her in any way. She has anxiety issues and feels threatened sometimes for no good reason. Specially in this case she risked her life to make a scene. What can I do right now? I have a full time job and unable to concentrate because of all this has happened. I don't feel like going back home yet all my stuff is there. Can they charge her with threatening her own life? Will they charge me?toofan212009-10-26 09:15:18