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Hi there, I need help to proceed further regarding a parking ticket issued to me.

I parked my car just in fornt of the ticketing machine, came out to the machine, realised I have my wallet in my car. I went to the car, sitting in the front passenger seat, saw my bag has open and all my belonging in front. I started picking them. I saw a parking ticket insector coming infront of the ticketing machine (just in front of my car) noticing some thing. A lady came behid him. So, I started fixing my bag, and then I realised, I was wearing thongs (onmy way to office). I changed in to my shoes, came out and reached the ticketing machine. To my horror, I see the ticketing inspector putting parking fine ticket on my car. He says the car was parked more than 3 mins witout a valid parking ticket. I thought he is doing something with the ticketing machine, so wait till he finishes his work.  The inspector told he cannot cancel the fine. But genuinely understands my scenario.

What should I do?