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ive had heaps of problems with drop offs and picks ups with me ex.

We are currently going through settlement. Lawyers continually requesting financials from me as we have significant tax debt and ex trying to get out of paying debt from sale of the house. Ex is keen for settlement and get her money and I really want plan for kids care done , as ex sometimes will not even take kids back etc and I have been having kids every weekend and Thursday evenings and well as half school hols.

Can I refuse providing further financials until the parent plan is sorted esp before next svhool holidays. As she is happy with me having kids every weekend and taking them on Thursday evenings so she can work. But I need that weekend off so I can work ? So she is happy not to agree or attend mediation. I have to Cert to go to court. But how will it look iI have not provided all financials. ( not that I am hiding anything ) and I use that to come an arrangement with the kids ?

Can I ask for one weekend off a month to work as I am sub contractor and only get paid if I work and I need to work that weekend to help fund 6 weeks off per year ?
I know ex will refuse so where do I stand. ?