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I was hoping to find an answer about a parent visa (father) who's divorced from my mother. What is the law about divorced parents?. I am an Australian citizen now for 8 yrs, 21 yrs of age , and my father who's divorced from my mother, has applied for a father's visa as (single status). I heard he now has a partner back home (living together, not married). His application offshore was submitted in an Australian embassy overseas and I recently received a letter from the Immigration that the application was received for review, might take 3 to 5 years for approval... So, in case my father's visa is approved, will his partner be approved as well????...... if not, how long till he can sponsor his partner???    What are the chances of me not approving my father's application (who I have not seen for the last 7 yrs since my mom's split with him) can I object? ..... I believe his partner, just want to get a visa here and my Father believes she's genuine...... anyone handled any case like this, please help I just needed answers.