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Hi All,

My husband and his ex finally agreed on overseas travel, the court ordered that the ex could take the child to the UK for a specified amount of time, itinerary to be provided & copy of the return tickets to be provided. My husband wanted a bond of $10,000 in place in case she fled while overseas. The bond was not agreed to, and court adjourned until Feb 2014. The orders of the court as stated above.

We have now found out through social media that the mother has taken the child to France. We were not informed, given any verbal or written confirmation of either departure or return to France. As the court documents clearly state the mother can take the child to the United Kingdom for a specified date range, how to we proceed with her leaving the UK? We do not know if she intends to travel to other countries, and now fear she may not return as promised...

Any advise on how we proceed from here would be much appreciated. The child is due to return to Australia on the 18th January, court date set for 3rd February.