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0 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
My ex defacto partner and I split over 2 years ago. After a rocky patch, we have been through mediation and are fairly amicable. We own a house 50-50, no kids, no other assets, ex has consistently been the higher income earner. My ex has offered to buy me out of the house which I have in theory agreed to, but doesn't want to make it legally binding (i.e won't agree to a consent order or BFA), the argument from their side is: that we already agree on the split, making it legally binding costs too much considering we are only splitting one asset, and that there's no opportunities for recourse as we are already outside of the 2 year period. I have no interest in superannuation or anything, I just want to be bought out and forget about it. I know it's subjective, but are the opportunities for further recourse truly that low? There will be a stat dec and the sale will be overseen by a solicitor. Would love your perspectives.