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Hi all,
A bit of an unusual post. I am looking for opinions from real people as to whether or not I am likely to go to prison here in western australia.

I have been caught with 10-12,000 bucks worth of stolen property. 15 items. Actual charge is 'being in possession of property reasonably suspected of being unlawfully obtained.

I have a lawyer and after sifting through all the facts he has advised me to plead guilty.

However he is not willing to give an opinion on what my sentence might or might not be.

I am 40 years old and do have a significant record of fraud charges and 5 years ago spent 5 months in prison. Nothing since.

I am recently married, have a business which has struggled since covid-19 and was looking forward to starting a family.

Im not searching for sympathy, judgements, or hateful comments. I did what I did and it was wrong. I am also happy to assist the police in possibly getting some of this property back to its rightful owner(s).