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Change of the traditional management and structures of the classical bureaucratic approach has brought a radical restructuring fast and versatile in the world. There are many a fundamental way or stimulus change factors which affects management approach and structure. Such as economic theory of change, the change in the theory of management, competitive structure and the progress made by private sector, the development of civil society in social criticism and change demand. This is the inevitable restructuring of the nation-state effort to discourse clamp technological revolution which constitutes the basic dynamics of globalization generated on a large change in especially the installed hierarchies, organizational structures, management processes and delivering forms of public service.hus, Keynesian policies and welfare state was criticized harshly. The new right has increasingly powerful in the line with neo-liberal policies, and the government has taken steps to limit the area of intervention. Many countries have need to reform in the field of public administration in the 1980s. Reforms are implemented to build public administration based on a successful market. The privatization played an important role in the 1980s. It is seen that growth in the state and the public sphere is stopped by the 1990s. not dream new world open door. online stock trading. 93268