by randyk  22/08/2005  2295 Page Views
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G'day, I'm in a little bit of trouble and was wondering if anyone understands contract law around here, and is willing to offer me some advice.

I am doing web development through TAFE, and got sent a link from a client which showed me how he wanted his website to function.

I visited the link, entered my details, clicked submit... and then I get an email instantly, telling me I owe $99.

Now, I know it was stupid of me to not properly read the website, but isn't it mandatory to display a confirmation page before you submit to an online contract?

I entered dummy data into the form, but my IP address was logged. Also, I emailed the company twice within 15 minutes of making the mistake. I also called them and got an answering machine, they haven't gotten back to me yet.

Also, do cooling-off periods apply to online contracts?