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There is domestic violence charge against me from 2009. I could not appear court as I left Australia. I have been outside of Australia since 2009. I guess there is some kind of warrant for me as I failed to appear court. Now I would like to sort it out. My questions are:

1. Can I sort it out through any lawyer from overseas? I can send necessary documents.

2. How much I have to spend?

I would like to provide some information so I can receive more correct advice.

It was my second marriage. She came to Sydney with Temporary Residence Visa. She stayed at my home only 2 months and sued me with DV charges. Charges were completely false. Her intention was to obtain citizenship. Anyway, police arrested me and I was extremely shocked and left Australia to obtain family support. Basically, there is no witness except my ex-wife. No medical evidence or any kind of eye witness. My ex-wife is doing fine in Sydney and married again and I don't think she has any interest about this case. In fact, she achieved her goal by suing me. Both police and immigration helped her a lot to achieve her Goal. Thanks go to them. Anyway, I don't know whats exact situation right now. I tried to obtain information from here, but nothing is available online. I don't know what is my status right now. So I would truly appreciate if any lawyer can help me to understand my situation and if he can help me to sort the whole thing if possible.

Thank you.