by Railroaded  16/09/2005  808 Page Views
2 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
I have my house on the market, and received an offer yesterday onit.  My ex-husband came around before signing the offer withpapers saying that when the house is sold he will receive 50% after allthe bills are paid.  If I didnt sign the papers he would not signthe offer on the house and would let the bank sell the house from underme.  I feel I was blackmailed into doing this, he has promised somuch, but since the 3 months that we have been separated for all he hasseemed to do is tell me lies.

Can I still get legal advice on % of settlement even though I havesigned these papers (which was only  typed up himself). 

I need help and quickly since the settlement is likely to be in 6 weeks.