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3 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
My defacto parner is divorced and pays CSA amount every fortnight without problem. There is no private arrangement. He also pays mortgage in addition - I do not know if this is 50% or more. He was made redundant some months ago and has continued paying the same amount. He has now reported change of circumstance and been re-assessed. He has not got a job yet and it looks like if he does he will be on half the salary he was. He is not good with money and struggled to pay all above before plus now pays school fees for 2nd child so was paying total $1,700 per 2 weeks. However he could just afford it and also contirbute to our house so I let it be. I earn enough to pay our mortgage and foods and bills so his contribution to our house has reduced and is now zero. His money will run out January.
If he gets a job at half salary he can't afford to pay what he was to his ex let alone have personal money (travel to work, lunch, clothes etc) nor contribute to our house. This is a moral dilemma for him - his ex works full time but they may end up earning same amount of money. I need to be 100% clear on the legal obligations facts to be able to try and address this.
Am I correct in my interpretation of various posts that a) What the CSA assess him is his legal obligation, b) He should not be paying anything additional for the house and in fact shoudl receive rent from the ex, c) should continue to pay school and relatedd fees as he did agree to it (even if he has zero income), d) only extras would be health contribution. He spends a lot of money running around for sports and paying those fees. I think he more than covers the kids needs and supplements the ex. lifestyle. I have no surplus to pay any of these things for him.