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I left my ex last April and moved out in July. Since then things have been relatively amicable, 50/50 access. Unfortunately after Christmas things deteriorated. She lives in the same street as me and one evening I went and knocked on her door, no response so I used a spare key to try and get into the garage to get some items which we were in dispute over. I couldn't get access and left after 5 mins. Stupid and regrettable thing to do, she was in the house at the time (I didn't realise) and could see me on the security cameras. That was the first incident of any kind since separating. She was obviously freaked out and scared. The police arrived yesterday with a FVRO. It states we are allowed contact via email, sms and facetime but only regarding the kids. She has been emailing me the last 24 hours regarding the kids. I haven't responded as I'm fearful of breaching the FVRO. Should I be objecting to this order. I've never displayed any signs of violence towards her. If so is it a complex process? What are the chances of my objection being successful.

What is a misconduct restraining order.Iago2019-02-01 10:37:47