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I had recently separated from my parter and was looking to speak to a lawyer regarding settlment.

I only wanted some general advice to think about.  He told me I should keep my house and my partner keep the investment property and it would work out even.  I agreed.  He told me he would charge 2k for his services.  I left and week later HE CALLED ME.

Now it has gone up to 5k because it has taken "too long".  This was due to the fact in order to keep my house I needed to gain full time work and have child support paid into my account for 3months. (so taking his advice)  I did explain this to him.

He has provided no Cost Disclosure aggrement, no itemised bill, no explanation of calculation of costs.  I haven't signed anything.

He said the 5k includeds conveyancing.  

I just feel like he he has taken me for a ride an pushed things before I was even ready to start legal proceedings.  I was in a vunerable state and I feel he took advantage of that thinking he would make a quick buck but now is pissed because as he said it has taken "too long'.  Im' all ready to go ahead and settle but now we are waiting on my ex to sort out his finances.

His is tryting to contact me now but I'm not answering his calls because I feel I have nothing to talk about untill im ready to settle.  Just after some thoughts on this