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I wish to get an opinion on the following please:

I was in a de facto relationship for 15 years and have been trying to resolve the property settlement for the last 2 years with no resolve and have had no answer from her for more than 5 months. I know there is a time limit of 2 years to resolve a dispute but my question is......what if there is not resolve and my ex is not responding to my offers via her solicitor. I don't know if she has left her solicitor or is no longer around with no contact I am not sure how to resolve this issue. I would think it the obligation of her solicitor to confide if there is no client and indeed respond to my offers. There is no children involved and the house mortgage was mine......I have sold the house as her request and the monies are in a trust account with my solicitor. Is there a time limit now that is after 2 years of separation for her to claim or does this need to be resolved before a judge?

Thank you in advance!