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22 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
We have a date in the first week of February for an initiating application for interim/final parenting orders.
My question is, when should we expect some form of response from the other parent (or their solicitor)? I believe we should have a response from the other party filed 7 days prior to our court date. However, we've heard nothing at all. The other party is interstate. If they apply to appear via telephone, will we be advised of that or find out on the day? We believe she has a legal aid funded solicitor and that possibly funding has been withdrawn?? Or, is it standard for solicitors to just ignore correspondence?

Should we expect to hear anything and if we do, what next? Do we dispute what the affidavit says? An alternative proposal, which is what our solicitor asked for if they do not agree with our proposal. So far nothing at all, no alternatives or negotiations whatsoever.

As it is getting closer, I'm becoming more anxious and worried about what can or may happen.

Anyone with any suggestions or what to expect?