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Hi all after long drawn out corrupt children s only Family law matter that is now subject of appeal(many errors of facts/principals & massive evidence issues) saw final orders given Feb.that due to ex's corrupt lawyer misleading court clause was to keep piss testing.Ex will never accept she not only 1 that no more recreational use illicit & 1 pos. result in 3 years-that was 2 years ago but ex carries on.So come March I get suspended from kid for not pissing & back to court May to get resumed.
Begged the judge enough is enough & urged ICL to say what she was also aware of ex's lawyer but no avail.
Whilst not big dealing drug issue I stated I said from get go I had recreational used which was far diff. than ex's claim of being dealer & unable to function daily without.
Cross examined FR author who finally admitted she was unqualified in drug abuse issues so thought her "opinion" in report which was just her agreeing with ex's teary cry.
I attended DAASA to a qualified counselor whom reported I had no dependency issues & he rated me honest & no prob.
Course ex's w**ker lawyer was frothing at mouth in his pitch to judge & I was on phone link-up & got bit fiery & begged them to just be logical/fair & if must be tested they should pay.
Oh no can't have that. $160 a test & i was in 10 month old job as casual with a knob boss who wouldn't let anyone have an hr. or 2 off it had to be whole day & if he had sh*ts could end up being 2 or 3 as happened 1 time.
I'm listing breaches of civil rights & that orders far outweighed purpose if it kept me povo & didn't want ex to know but had bank letters with a claim on home.
I had claimed all along ex had put me through FV-emotional/financial & although I fessed up to being a party to heaps of verbals It was ruled I was physically abusive & as such my claims never even rated a mention in orders.
So Icl sends me for a random test in May that I scrapped up all pennies for. I passed( OH ! )
but call it coincidence but that was last day I worked for company & since heard from mate he heard a whisper boss had sh*ts big time when my name,drug test & court orders came up 1 too many times & I basically " 2 much drama",get someone else.
Needless to say bank followed through with repo & now times ticking.
Ex knew how big mortgage had blown to as she was a big reason for it but she never knew state of my (6figures sssshhhhh! ) super & she played it out as " oh no I never lived DE-facto with him I just hung around a bit 4 12 years & lived with my folks"
Needless she never went financial/property as she didn't wanna wear her share of sh*t.
No probs. but her form is she will label me unfit/homey if home goes repo( kids family home of 5 years) plus I think reality I will have hard time yet again dusting myself off & chanting" I am better parent,just let it go" type stuff.
I'm so wound up I fear hearing wrong thing in supreme court in fortnight & having meltdown.
I am not trying to wipe responsibility of debt & well we all know bank aint got a hair out of place & been fees gouging on my coin.
My calculations say If i got the 3 + 12 letter from bank & got $ 10 K financial hardship from my fund also I will clean default.
Of course all no avail if I can't land a new job in 2 weeks b4 court which i'm frantically onto & believe this week will pay off in that regard.
I don't care about chunk going from super as I got healthy load in there.
Supreme Court judge seemed reasonable guy when was there while ago.
Am I kidding myself or what? I just can't accept that I could be homeless under a bush but still have a super total larger than what I owed in mortgage, I mention FV & seem to enrage those I say it to & can't find any gov. dept. that will bother with me.
So the question will still remain & be my insanity I fear " How are child's best interests being prioritized" ?
I swear I will camp on court steps till get to expose ex's contemptuous lawyer though but by then only satisfaction to gain as no compo or fix for being denied justice & ensuing domino effect of losing rest of life.
Surely a international right or injunction to use.
Or shall I start pimping up my shopping cart !!!!
cheers sorry for novel but ........well always are aren't they