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I work for a well known national company that supplies commercial and residential services.
In the six years I have been working for them I have almost never had a scheduled lunch break. The few times that I have had a lunch break it was actually scheduled during travel time between jobs. I know this is the same for all the technicians in my branch and for the technicians in the next closest branch. If this is replicated across the country, and I think it is, that will be hundreds of hours per day.
I think that some technicians have been adding the half hour to their timesheet as worked hours so at least they are getting paid for the break that they did not take.
So my first question is, is this legal?
I thought that employees had to have a scheduled break after a certain number of hours.

This brings me to my next question.
Would these employees have a case for compensation?

This brings me to my next question.
If so, would this be something that could be done through