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Hi all.

So, I have an employment claim against my previous employer in a Queensland Magistrates Court.

I am the Plaintiff. I filed the claim, got no response. Filed for a default judgement. Got it.

Defense filed to have the default judgement set aside and succeeded.... basically, between me and the court registry making errors, the claim and the default judgement was flawed.

Plaintiff filed an amended statement of claim.

Defendant filed Notice of intention to Defend and Defense.

Plaintiff filed a Reply and Answer.

...what happens now?

Do I have to file anything to get the matter to a hearing or do I just wait for the Registrar to set the matter down for a hearing?

I ask because, the Registry staff don't know and the Registrar won't be drawn on the question.


Also, I have 2 former employees who would like to give evidence in support of my claim.  The UCPR isn't particularly clear as to how I get them in to a hearing to give evidence.

Do I need to get affidavits from them first??

Do I just file affidavits at any time?