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I hope I make sense with this. I understand that any new annuity products are going to be subject to tax. My husband and I have a self managed fund. I have my portion and he has his. We both draw a tax free annuity payment monthly. In our wills, if my husband was to die before me, the super fund is to be wound up as part of his estate and divided equally among his two children and myself. That's fair enough. I asked him the following question in regard to the new laws but he couldn't answer me saying he didn't intend to die for a long time! If the fund has to be wound up, can it be separated into his and mine or does the whole fund have to be liquidated. If the latter is the case, and I have to buy a new product, will I be subject to the new laws about all new products having to pay tax. and if this is so, how can I get around it.