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I was on an old contract that ended on 20/10/12 and was given new one on 25/10/12. I start work at 11.30pm and while working was approached by a person. The person informed me that this is a new contract and requires me to sign so that they can provide me a copy of the contract. The contract was two pages long. I read it and the wording of the contract was similar to the old one I signed when I first joined the company. I signed it and dated. At the end of the contract there was a paper that had the work hours I am rostered to work and position number.

When I went home I compare the old and new contract and everything else was similar but the position number on the old and new contract was different. I wanted a permanent position with the company and told them about it. And I am aware that one employee that was permanent left. Can this be the reason the position number was changed? Can that be the position number of the old employee and after 3 months (the expiry of the new contract) I will be offered their place If he/she doesn’t return?

Also, what I am afraid about is what if that person who left returns? Because on the contract it states: “Your contract will be terminated if your are replacing a permanent employee”. Say, if I was replacing a permanent employee, by law do they must mention on the contract? In this contract it doesn’t mention.

Another issue, I have with this contract is the notice period- I was given the contract on the 25/10/12 at 11.30pm and the contract letter stated to return the sign contract on the 25/10/12. This didn’t give me the opportunity to take the contract home and compare the position numbers and closely read the contract. So where do I stand in all of this? Do I have any grounds if I were to be dismissed due to the new permanent employee coming back or any other reason?

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