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Penny for your thoughts. Long story! I'll try to keep it short. I'll keep it to the one that boils my blood. Sooo. My NFH has came to us to pay half the boundary fence. Now I would of been happy to pay half of the fence if we indeed owned the land when it was erected. The fence was built a year prior to our purchase. We now owned the property nearly 2years they have approached us to pay, but not once have they requested payment before this. I can't seem to find anything that states we are bound to pay for this nor do I think we have to. Shouldn't this of been taken up with previous owner of property? I feel this is a retaliation to her thinking I was the one calling council on her for her ridiculous amount of roosters/poultry. This NFH has caused a lot of animosity and disruption to a lot of the other neighbours. Maybe we are next.