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I am a single mum on a sole parent pension, I almost died when I had my youngest son 7 yrs ago, I want to get divorced and do a property settlement, my husband and I split 2 years ago, but he said he will put everything in other peoples names so I don't get anything, he has already done this for several things (he has money as does his family and can afford great lawyers). I also want to get more time with my oldest son (10) (different dad) as he took him and I couldn't find him for a couple years and he rarely lets me see him so I would like to get everything done legally and in place so I can have peace of mind and build relationship between my children etc...but I have no money, I have such big expenses from my last custody case which I am trying to pay off...I live in SA...does anyone know of any lawyers that would help a pensioner like me? any information would be greatly appreciated.