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Can anyone please help with a lawyer who repeatedly doesn't make any sense and disrupts communication between the parents?   I asked for time with my daughter via email to the mother’s lawyer. We have temporary orders on a week about schedule and going to trial in December. We live in Qld and there is a dvo no contact order in place which is bogus and i am fighting to the end eventhough the judge said he wont take it to trial. cross orders are in place.  Her's is be of good behaviour. 

This is what I wrote - “Dear Mr ppp  Fathers day is on the 1st of September which is on the mother's week. Can you ask XXXX if it could be arranged for ZZZZ to spend that day with me?”

Lawyers reply - “Dear Mr YYY  Rather than getting someone else to ghost write your emails we suggest you write your own.  We also suggest that you respond to the email sent to you on Monday regarding the various matters you had raised prior to the mother being required to answer your Father’s Day email.”

My Response - “I don't understand what you're talking about or what you mean?

I am asking now because it's time sensitive and your office takes a long time to respond.  12 days last time. Fathers day is coming up so will need an answer soon. 

ZZZZ  ( our daughter ) is doing things in school for fathers day and there is a father's day stall so I need to know if I should send money this week. Plus ZZZZ needs to know what is happening as much as I do so we can plan our day. I would like to buy whale watching tickets.

I am simply trying to do the best thing for ZZZZ while you are turning everything into an argument which is not your place. Please pass along communication regarding ZZZZ between XXXX and I promptly without harassment. Thank you

Lawyers reply -  “Clearly Mr YYYY I have accused you of using someone else to ghost write your emails. A simple examination of your email below displays that.  Are you now saying you wrote it yourself? If that is so then do you agree that you are extremely rude in that you are not even able to afford the basic respect of a proper salutation?   When you have addressed this particular issue I will respond in relation to the balance issues.”

I did make an error and called him by the mothers previous lawyers name who recently left the law firm.

So the questions I have are -

1.What other means can I communicate with the mother, other than the lawyer and how can I arrange this? 

2. Can I take this back to family court now and ask to use some sort of app to communicate via or is this too low on their priority list?

3.Can I ask the mother to nominate another person to pass along communication emails regarding our daughter ? I’d like to just block the lawyer from his constant threats and time wasting but if there was an urgent need to communicate the court might see me as being the one who obstructed things.

4. Should I completely forget fathers day this year and save myself the stress which is the way I'm leaning towards?

5. Can I make a complaint about the lawyer and his constant disruption in the co parenting of our daughter? Is it the lawyers place to be treating me this way?

Thanks for any advice.