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3 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
I am after anyone’s input for my current situation. Facts De facto 10 years living together No kids Nothing in same name No joint bank accounts I had 4 properties before relationship The one we live in I bought whilst been together Ive paid every bill, every loan repayment, bought her car. She has worked the entire time, so have I. She has always cooked and cleaned the house, I have always repaired and maintained the house. Total value of property/asset pool upon separation 1,200,000 approx including my super, not including what she has which is maybe 5k in super and 10k in savings. Her car is in my name. During the 10 year relationship she probably gave me on approx 2000 per year in cash to put toward bills but she never physically paid a bill-Ive paid them all. I have offered her with out lawyers getting involved $325,000……..some (mates) are saying this is to much. I spoke to several lawyers and they estimate 35k as a fee cost basis just for me and suggest she would be entitled to 30%-40% of the pool, are they saying this to spook me to get them on board?? After thoughts please. All welcome.