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Hi Everyone.
I have a question regarding warranty.

If I provide a customer with a quote that states we provide a 2 year warranty on equipment which is also the same warranty provided by the manufacturer am I expected to provide warranty past this date? And if so for how long under NCAT standards?

The equipment in question was 12 months past warranty when a complaint was raised and we have had issues with the equipment been mistreated also since the time of installation.

When we buy a car or a TV it has a set warranty so I am having trouble understanding the NCAT take on the subject of warranty.

For an extended warranty all business would be required to charge double for the equipment supplied in the off chance that the equipment fails or develops a fault within extended warranty set by NCAT. This in turn will raise prices across all businesses that supply equipment with warranty.

Thankyou in advance, Im looking forward to your replies and opions on this subject.