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My kids (12 year old boy and 10 year old girl) have got to a point where they have opened up to me and my partner and told us that they hate living with their mother and dont want to go there anymore.

The mother is currently back dating a guy she had put in jail 12 months ago when she was dating him, who just happens to be an ICE addict. We are under suspicion that the mother could be on ICE as well. -God help the kids-

When the kids are with us my boy can't sleep at night, he constantly checks the doors to make sure they're locked and stays awake to 2am in the morning.

The other night they opened up on all the men that come to the house and drugs etc that are involved.

There are orders in place whereas they are at their mothers 9 nights a f/n. But they don't want to go home.

What should we do?

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