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My ex husband has primary care of my daugher who is now wanting to spend a week with me and a week with him.  The father is unreasonable and will not agree and continually instills fear into her by quoting the court orders (and he reminds her thatthattwhich he apparently paid a lot of money for).   He is controlling and coercive and my daughter is fed up with his behaviour so I'm in FCC advocating on her behalf. 

ICL has been appointed and wants to dismiss my case saying that my daughter did not show enough enthusiasm with her request and she thinks that she hasn't thought it through.  The ICL also says that these proceedings will be detrimental to my child's wellbeing.  My argument is that if we don't fix this parenting arrangement it would cause more harm to her mental wellbeing.  

My daughter has relative maturity and knows what she wants and I am willing and able to faciliate her request.  There is no risk of harm, she has her own bedroom and I am in close proximity to her school.  She is very comfortable in my home and invites her friends over regularly.  She does not invite her friends over to the father's home.  

I don't want my daughter to lose heart and become disolusioned.

Any advice appreciated.