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Separated April 2019 and husband left Australia. Is now living in UK again in one of our properties there. Has spent most of our money we had in stocks and shares. Was paying 50% mortgage of the marital home here in Australia as waiting for full financial disclosure. Filed for divorce in UK. No financial proceedings so far as still not got financial disclosure. 

He has now emailed me to say he won't pay his 50% of the mortgage.  He is the earner being a doctor, he earns 4x my salary. Mortgage is almost $1M and I am unable to afford payments. Has never been the intention to keep the house and always stated it will be sold but I was told my solicitor to remain in the home with our sonm (aged 16) until settlement agreed.

So how do I make him pay? I have agreed to sell and move into a rental but he ignores my emails and doesn't seem willing to contribute to selling costs or even sign the papers.

I can apply to UK court for emergency spousal maintanence but will need to fly there to appear at the directions hearing. Therefore, can I applied in Australia even though he lives in UK and divorce is filed in UK court. I only want 50% of the mortgage and rates until settlement or sale of house. 

Any advise greatly appreciated as I cannot afford to have my credit rating damaged.