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It’s been an interesting few months in the mortgage industry to say the least. As you may or may not know there have been many changes and Lender’s have been forced to “tighten” up on there financing in light of all the foreclosures and bad press. One of the biggest changes is to the “stated income” type programs.

As of right now we still can do those programs but as of August 1st the stated income programs looks like they will be gone (or at least really tough to do) for at least a while. For those of you who are self employed or anyone else who knows they are in that “stated income” category, this may be a good time to get a new mortgage or refinance before the change is absolute. Most the other changes have to do with needing higher credit scores to qualify for loans, especially for high loan-to-value programs.

Ok… enough with the bad news! The good news is that rates are still low and I have always had the resources to find great programs for all types of financing, especially for the “first time” homebuyer. I’ve been known to get pretty creative in unique situations and get the deal done right! I’ll take a look at pretty much anything having to do with a purchase or refinance for residential or commercial properties. This would also include anything having to do with rental properties, vacation homes, debt consolidation, home improvements, or cash out. If you, your family, or friends ever need my services please <a href=><u>Click Here</u></a> and Visit my Website now!

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