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I have been with my partner for about 12 months. He was sexually abused as a child and as a result has quite complex mental health issues including at times anger/rage/blackouts/selfharm and suicide attempts. At the start of August he went to court for assaulting a business owner- he got put on a 6 month good behaviour bond. He got caught riding a motorbike unlicensed and had weed in his bag, he was put out on bail and a court hearing for September. Mid-August he got angry whilst at home, he headbutted me and was yelling/screaming in the backyard, minutes later we had 10 cop cars at our house. They seperated us, and as usual I covered the story with the police, my massive egg on my head though the police didn't believe me. Due to me not co-operating and witnesses refusing to give a statement- they let him go but they issues a 5 day safety notice with full terms. That night the police came to give me the paperwork, and he stupidly answered the door- breaching the safety notice. They took him in to write him up, however I got a call advising me they had to keep him overnight due to the new bail laws and to come to court the next day. They managed to get him to agree to pleading guilty to an assault charge (even though no witnesses etc) and were going to also see the motorbike and weed matters at the same time, due to him being scared and I guess wanting to get out he agreed. He was put on a 12 month community corrections order with 100hours-50 hours mental health. I was happy with the mental health component as he really needed it. However, less than a week later- i was running from the house and called the police. I had never spoken to police before however in my "statement" (which was made as i was waiting to be taken by the ambulance and can barely recall) it has many instances in the past of him choking me until i pass out, incidents of physical abuse, and that particlular weekend 4 instances of choking until i pass out, threatening to kill me if police came due to my screaming, threats to kill if i called the police, many attempts me trying to leave and he chasing me and bringing me back, threatening to throw me in front of a truck but he put me back down. Threats to kill, breaching ivo again, recklessly endangering life etc are some of the charges- i havent seen the charge sheet.
I was taken to hospital and he was on the run until the following morning where he turned himself in. Since late august, he has been refused bail and still being held. His lawyer is trying to go the mental health route and was trying to have him bailed to that, however last court was adjourned again as apparently there is a backlog in getting mentally assessed in the system. Questions are is it difficult to get off on mental health? And how do they determine this, wouldn't most violent offenders not be mentally all there? And if this isn't successful apparently he is facing around 17 charges how much time could he be looking at?