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I gave birth to a baby earlier this year in a public hospital.  I had preterm, prelabour rupture of membranes (35 weeks), not much water left. I asked the doctor if I should have steroid injection to boost baby's lung maturiation and was told that its normally given to women under 34 weeks. I had tachycardia during pregnancy, my cardiologist said I needed early epidural. This was communicated to the doctors before. However, during active labour, the midwife could not locate a doctor for me, so there was no assessment or monitoring at all for both me or the baby. I asked for pain relief, and midwife only gave me panadol, said there was no order for anything else, and she couldn't find the doctor. I was as a result, left in agony for at least 7 hours. during these 7 hours, one doctor came in, I told him I needed pain relief. he said to put on fetal monitoring, and he will return, but he never returned. The fetal monitoring was only on for 30 mins or so ( I noted fetal HR high during this 30 mins, highest was 174), and was removed by the midwife. By this time, I already could not talk due to the severe labour pain and started to have uncontrollable shakes constantly. I then had kept asking her to find me the doctor, again and again, but she kept saying she had paged the doctor but no answer. 6 hours since I first asked for pain relief, one doctor finnally came to assess me, for the first time and told me my cervix had already dilated for at least 6 cms. I then asked for epidural and was then transferred to the labour room. I had to wait for another hour in the labour room for the epidural, another midwife also didn't give me any pain relief, but just doing her paperwork. I kept asking how much longer do I have to wait for the epidural, she said I will get the doctor once I finish this paperwork. I fet like I was passing out, but she didn't give a **, I could/should have other pain relief while waiting. Epidural was put in too late, so late that when I had to push, contractions had slowed down, and they had to give me oxytocin to strengthen the contractions.

Long story short, after 2 hours pushing with no progress, obstrician came in and said the baby was a 'stargazer', body up, OP position, which was a malposition, thus why so difficult. (why wasn't any assessment done beforehand?!), another hour of pushing, baby was finnally out. He was a little purple throughout, seen from a photo taken then. 


After delivery, I was bursting but could not void for 6 hours, excuciating pain when sitting down as well. every slight movement, the pain sharpened, pain persisted during sitting. I was put in a catheter and drained 900ml immediately. Pain did not ease at all for the next few days and really had difficulty sitting. Midwives was saying pain was normal down there espeically you got a 2nd degree tear. first time giving birth, I didnt know what to expect, and believed them thinking pain was normal. after 2 days, catheter was removed but I still couldnt void well. I was discharged and then the next day I couldn't void. went back to hospital, doctor said my stitiches were stretched open..I was surprised because I did not strain at all, why would it stretched open? I was prescribed antibiotics. but that night, I could not void at all! I went back to hospital for the 2nd time and was readmitted. Their solution was to put in and out catheter each time I viod! I had the urge to void every hour, and so was put in a catheter each hour! that night, I discovered the reason of it all! there was a fist sized dressing pack coming out of my vagina! The doctor who stitched the wound left the giant pack in and forgot to take it out, causing me to have so much pain, unable to sit, unable to void! this was day 5 after delivery! it makes sense why my wound's stitches were stretched out and damaged!

I was of course furious, and complainted to the hospital, but not much can be done. they admitted of the dressing retention and that my pain management could have been better handled. They said the midwife who said she was looking for a doctor, turned out didnt even escalate to her teamleader!  Later I noted my baby had breathing difficulties, tachycardia, and swallowing difficulties, was on NG tube exclusively due to aspiration. I cant help but wonder its connection with the lack of assessment and monitoring during labour, the negligence.I checked the guidelines for PPROM that a continous fetal monitoring is required during active labour, and I only had 30 mins. My baby was lucky to have survived, if he had died, they wouldn't even know! I had suffered PTSD from the whole experience, the pain and sufferings I had was unnecessary, unnatural and abnormal! its man made mistakes, negligence and malpractice, from the begining to end! My wound took a lot longer to heal compared to normal 2nd degree tear as the tissues were pressed so hard by the dressing, it was mashed. for at least 3 months after delivery, I could not sleep, I kept thinking of the whole expereince, how I was just left there in agony during labour with no intervention at all, the pain I had to endure to sit down when there was a giant dressing in me, how my baby could have been better if proper care was implemented during labour, how it shouldn't even be a virginal birth due to the complications.


I had consulted with the hospital insurer and asked for compensation. the hospital asked me to prove the negligence, but they had already admitted the dressing retention, i dont know what else they needed. also they said the damage needs to be over 7 days. the dressing was in me for 5 days, but the wound took over a month to heal, much longer than normal, and I could not sleep well for at least 3 months due to the negligence. DO they not count as damage? Did I just suffered so much for nothing? Is there anything I can do to be compensated for my unnecessary pain and sufferings through this whole horrible experience?