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Sorry if this waffles on , this is a first for us and we are falling apart. A few months ago my husbands close mates brother came home from living OS due to Covid. Anyway the brother started coming to the pub to have a beer every few weeks so my husband got to know him and started considering him a friend. The brother said he wasn’t working due to Covid but he was trying to be a professional gambler as he used to be a professional gambler as he used to be a pro table tennis player and knew the game extremely well and was having a lot of success punting on overseas games. He admitted he had friends os who were also professional gamblers and they sold ‘tips’ ( not illegal , many people make a good business selling punting tips. They even given them out of Aussie tv racing stations ) the issue was that because he was doing so well the betting companies had limited his accounts so he could hardly use them, this whole sob story of “ gambling organisations take the money of people loosing everything but if you win they cut you off “ he asked if my husband could sign up for these accounts and let him use them to place bets. It wasn’t illegal but did violate the t&c’s of the betting companies. He said as a thank you for the favour he would give him a few bucks ( 10%) if he won. My husband , a good but trusting moron didn’t want to see his new mate broke and miserable and agreed. He never placed bets himself. He didn’t even know what games he was betting on or literally any other details. The brother would just message him if he won and ask for hubby to send him his money. Stupid husband didn’t tell me this was happening as he didn’t think it was a big deal. It’s worth mentioning my hubby has no criminal record , not even a driving record and is a well respected professional with two young children. Anyway , wednesday to my absolute trauma feds knocked on our door with a search warrant. Allegedly , this brother has been paying players OS to fix matches , finding out about fixed matches through his contacts as an ex player himself and has used the accounts of at least 8 other people. We didn’t even know what he was accused of doing hours after the police left and it was on the news. My husband threw up. He was a mess in tears. He had no idea. The police said after the search he wasn’t under arrest. They were lovely but said they of course had to tell him that’s possible to change. He answered all their questions because he wanted to be helpful and didn’t do anything against the law. If what they allege is true , this brother used him and lied to him. What we do know is they have had this guys phone tapped for six months. My hubby talked to him over the phone all the time, often about letting him use his account but never about match fixing as obviously he had no idea and as an upstanding guy and sports lover would be appalled by the idea. We are now just a bloody mess. Not sure what I’m expecting to get from this but we don’t know how to process this